Editor: “Simon, my vicar, was completely unfazed by the closure of his church in March. The very next week he’d set up ‘Zoom’ and many of us have been weekly attenders of his ‘virtual church’ for the weeks now. I realise that many other churches are doing the same, but we’ve had people join us from all over the place! Of course, we all look forward to getting back to St Mary’s, but it has brought the congregations together in ways that we could never have imagined. This poem began one recent Sunday morning when I said to my wife, Carol, “let’s go and worship at St Sofa’s”. That inspired her and so the first verse of this poem is hers, not mine!

We worship at St Sofa’s now

Since Covid came to stay

We don’t dress up or do our hair

But still we come to pray!

Our Vicar is a clever chap

A Zoom with his IT

And so we sit down ev’ry week

And meet up virtually!

Our Parish Church stands empty

With praise she does not ring;

But still her people gather round

To pray, and praise, and sing!

The virus is a nasty thing

Yet it has helped us see

The church is NOT a building

But folk like you and me!

By Nigel and Carol Beeton